“I’m overwhelmed with the clutter in my house.”

“I don’t know where to start to get my house organized.”

“I’m not an organized person. I don’t know how to do it.”

“I don’t have time to keep up with my house.”

“I’m late for everything because I can never find what I’m looking for in my house.”


These are actual quotes I’ve heard over and over again from women who are completely overwhelmed with life.  They can’t catch up.  They are always apologizing for being late or not meeting some deadline they committed to.

They feel like a crappy mom/wife/friend because they had great intentions and just weren’t able to pull it all together.

Meet Kim

Kim Hundl

Hey there!

I’m Kim.

I’ve discovered a process to help every woman create a system for household management that works best for her.  All of us are different.  We all have different priorities and we all have different areas that drive us crazy.

This process helps each woman create her system that is uniquely tailored to fit her exact personality so she can end each day with satisfaction, have peace that her top priorities are taken care of, and sleep well without her brain scrolling through all of her incomplete tasks.

Raising a family is a very busy and stressful time in life. The rewards are great.  But so are the sacrifices.  And the headaches.  And the tears.  OMG, the tears!!  I remember the tears of feeling like a failure SO MANY TIMES!!  “If I could only catch up.”  “If I can only make it to the end of this week.” “Once this event is over, I’m gonna catch up on my house.”

The truth is… it never ends.  There’s always the next thing.  And until I realized that and accepted it, I lived in a state of personal failure.  I doubt anyone else thought this of me.  But if they only knew what I knew.  If they knew how late I stayed up finishing this or that at the last possible second.

Much of this is just part of being a mom.  I get that.  But so many of the things that kept me up just didn’t matter.  I was striving for some level of perfection that no one else expected of me and that I honestly never attained.  And burning the midnight oil kept me from having the energy and patience I needed to be my best every other part of the day.

I’m a divorced mom of two recently grown kids.  I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded.  But I’ve had some amazing successes that I have always wanted to pass on to other women who struggled to keep up with life as I did.

I Found Peace

I learned how to simplify life to free up more time and money so we could live more, have more fun, and make more memories!  PEACE!  I found peace!  And I want to help you do the same!

When my youngest moved out, I found myself wondering… what’s next?  She asked me this question, “Mom, what are your hobbies?”  My hobbies?  I’m a mom!  Everything I was and everything I did revolved around my family.  My hobby has been home cleaning and organizing, meal planning, budgeting, vacation planning, errand running, taxi driving, life coaching, and party planning.  Did I miss anything?  I create systems to manage our lives and make our house a home while working a full-time job.  That’s my hobby.

But it wasn’t until I discovered where to start in my home management journey that I actually began making progress.  

How to Eat an Elephant

The obvious answer to “how do you eat an elephant” is “one bite at a time.”  Yes.  I know.  But where do I bite first?

Finding the answer to this question changed my life.  It was then that I stopped feeling like a failure.  And what’s more, I started feeling like a success.  That was a long time ago.  And I’ve wanted to share the process I discovered for years.  But I was a mom.  And I was busy being a mom.  And then I was a divorced mom.  Good grief!!  My systems were really put to the test then.  And they worked!

I’ve helped lots of people clean and organize lots of things.  I know the look of terror on the faces of those who are overwhelmed and just don’t have a clue where to start.  I personally know the feeling associated with that look.  And now that my kids are grown, I have the time to create a new hobby.  I want my hobby to be that I share my process with other women in bite-sized pieces.  And I want to help them discover for themselves which bite to take first.  I want to help them eat their elephant!

Does any of this resonate with you?  Or am I completely alone here?  I don’t think I am.  I think there are many women out there who could benefit from the lessons I learned.

Is this you?  Are you staring at your elephant and don’t know where to start?  I can help you.  I want to help you.  I remember being you.  Let’s do it together!

Ready to get started?

Home Management Baby Steps

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